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Syma S031G User Manual

Syma S031G User Manual
Placed in small parts of the reach of children, to avoid accidents. 2. The blades of this helicopter is used activities blades,don't screw up. 3. The helicopter was powerful, should be gradually pushed up the remote control shift lever on the left for ñrst flight, to avoid the surge caused the helicopter crash damage. 4. Should be turn off the power of controller then turn off the power of the helicopter when fînished flight. 5, Do not place the battery in high temperature, heating place(e,g:f1re or electric heating devices) 6. Note that when the helicopter to keep the user or other persons from 2-3 m to avoid the helicopter flight, landing crashed into another person's head, face and body and so on.

7. Children should control the helicopter by adults in the guidance and ensure the helicopter control in manipulator (or guides) line of sight range, easy to control. 8. Non-rechargeable battery is not charging,installation the lithium battery, please note that the battery polarity. Do not mix old batteries and new batteries or different type batteries. 9. Should be turn off the power of the controller and helicopter when not in use. 10. Power terminal is not allow short circuiting.

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