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HK60F User Manual

This 2.4GHZfeatures a unique coding protocol, to use this Transmitter with a
receiver it must be bound to the receiver. The factory will bind the transmitter
to the receiver but should it become unbound or should you purchase a
second receiver then please follow the procedure outlined below.

1. Connect a bind plug to the receiver.
2. Switch on the power to the receiver, the green receiver LEDwill now
3. Now pick up the Transmitter, before you switch it on please ensure
that the throttle is in the lowest position and that all the trims are in the
middle position.
4. Holding the bind switch in the up position now switch on the
5. The transmitter green LEDwill start fla~hing and the receiver LEDwill
have gone off.
6. Releasethe bind switch on the transmitter.
7. Remove the bind plug on the receiver, the Green LEDwill now
illuminate on the receiver and will now be bound to the transmitter.
8. Finally confirm that you have now have full contro lover all surfacesand


it will depend on your model if you have a 4 or 6 channel radio
download here

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